Your View: Teach evolution and creationism in our schools

May. 16, 2013 @ 03:04 PM

This is a response to Tina Dupuy’s column, “Save our schools from creationism, ” published in the Enterprise on May 4. I am hesitant to write because I cannot be sure if she’s writing “tongue-in-cheek” or seriously, or if she is a pseudo-scholar or an intellectual/theological “air-head.” One thing is certain: Her remarks about her mother are highly disrespectful.
The fact is, in this day when true education involves and requires exposure to many and varying points of view, there is a place for creationism and evolution both to be presented in our schools … in a balanced and non-prejudicial manner. Honesty and intelligence require it.
I am not allowed as much space as obviously Dupuy was allowed to fully develop my thoughts in response to everything in this article, so I must be brief. She seems to scoff at the idea of “End of Days.” I don’t know what aspect of this term she is referring to … the biblical eschaton (“end of time”), or the movie by that title or something else. If she has read the Judeo/Christian scriptures, she has had to encounter this theme.
While the meaning of “myth” in scholarly usage is understood as a vehicle for conveying profound truth, she seems to use the term “myth” to poke fun at something she happens not to believe.
Come to think of it, she must have written this article merely for the purpose of entertainment. I notice that, “Her column is distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoon newspaper syndicate.” Entertainment is what cartoons, comics and the funny papers are all about. So, perhaps we can all laugh at her instead of with her, since she obviously is not serious.
High Point

Make these killers pay for their crimes
The man in Boston is going to be allowed at get life in prison without the chance of parole? What about the three who died? And all the ones who lost limbs?
He gave up the right to be called an American citizen after what he did.
And a article in The High Point Enterprise on April 27 stated that Laurence Lovette can’t get death because he was only 17 when he robbed and killed Eve Carson. When I was growing up, you were considered an adult when you turned 17. That’s when I went in the Army.
The American justice system needs to be overhauled so that people like these two so-called men have to answer for their crimes.


A bill in the N.C. Legislature would allow concealed carry permittees to keep handguns locked in their vehicles while in state and University of North Carolina system parking lots. Should this be allowed or should the firearms ban be continued? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to or go to — — and post a comment online. Here is one response:
• Bill does not permit guns for residents or students in general. Only those that have been vetted, background checked, taken courses/exams in deadly force law and certified by local sheriff.

Randolph County business and civic officials are planning a 2,000-acre “megasite” in the rural northeastern part of the county to develop as a business park and then attract jobs-creating business and industry? Is this a wise move? In 30 words or less (no name, address required), email your thoughts to or visit — — and post a comment online.