Avoiding the Crash

Mar. 27, 2013 @ 08:20 PM

It’s 2014. You call the county tax office about your property tax bill.
Somehow, workers can’t find it immediately on the computer database. You are asked to call back later.
That’s a problem county officials hope they have avoided with the approved purchase of a Storage Area Network for $295,814 from DavenportGroup of Minnesota. Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday  for the upgrade using capital reserve funds. A SAN is a device used to store about 90 percent of all data for all county departments from tax to deeds, finance and criminal justice. The county’s system is four years old and is near its storage capacity.
“If we don’t do this, the system could be full by the next budget year,” said Joel Hartley, the county’s information technology director. “It would all come to a standstill.”
Commissioners decided to buy the upgrade rather than lease equipment and pay for annual upgrades to save as much as $60,000 over the life of the equipment.  The upgrade will replace the county’s main database in Lexington and a backup in Thomasville.
The upgrade doubles storage capacity to 51 terabytes and 68 terabytes for off site backup. Workers will use the old system in a limited capacity, according to officials.