Commissioners approve clerk’s move

Dec. 10, 2012 @ 12:02 PM

The Davidson County Clerk of Court’s office is preparing to relocate in an effort to gain more space and rehab some of the buildings downtown.
In its recent meeting, Davidson County commissioners voted 7-0 to approve the move of the Clerk of Court offices to the Lexcom/Windstream building, located at the corner of N. State St. and E. 2nd Ave. The motion was made by Commissioner Fred McClure and seconded by Commissioner Todd Yates. Commissioner Cathy Dunn was absent from the meeting.
The proposed cost of the move is not to exceed $1.7 million and is contingent on whether contractors can construct an additional floor to the four-story building. One of those floors would be used by another department although it is unclear which one.
“There has been no money appropriated yet and a scope of work would need to be presented before the board would actually move forward,” said Zeb Hanner, assistant county manager. “The way the building is designed, they wanted to look at the cost of adding a floor above the first to create an additional floor.”
The clerk’s office, currently located at 110 W. Center St., is too small, according to Hanner. Some of the proposed problems with the current space include inadequate parking, work space, waiting areas and a lack of space to properly maintain files.
“They are just cramped. The new building should help the clerk because there are about 90 parking spaces at the facility,” Hanner said. “We got it at a fairly decent price. We only paid about $400,000 for the building since it was on the tax books for about $1.2 million I think. We got the building at a reasonable price and were able to rehabilitate an older building. It should be able to accommodate the Clerk’s need for a little while.”
The building was constructed in 1968 for the Lexington telephone company. The building contains approximately 24,200 gross square feet and provides approximately 16,200 usable square feet of space. | 888-3657