Han-Tek gives High Point high-tech presence

Feb. 24, 2013 @ 06:00 AM

Standing at the glass watching the delectability of Krispy Kreme doughnuts march down the conveyor belt into that polka-dotted box just for you. You know that the Triad is responsible for that modern-day miracle, but did you know a High Point company is making it all possible?
Han-Tek, an international provider advanced automation technology, set up shop in a desolate area of town to build electrical control panels and robotics. The company assembles the automation panels for Krispy Kreme and for other companies such as Dell computers.
The High Point location of Han-Tek started as a vision by Bobby Cole, vice president of electrical controls.
“I started a company, Powerlab, in 2004 working on electrical control systems for manufacturing, doing schematics, overseeing and doing all the fabrication,” Cole said. “That grew into a nine-employee business located in Welcome. As we started to grow we started to get more footing into the industry, and that’s when the acquisition came up with a similar systems company, Han-Tek out of Rochester, N.Y.”
Cole said the New York company had been looking to move into the Southeast. In 2010, Powerlab and Han-Tek became one company, and a year later, it purchased the building at 1330 Potts Ave. in southwest High Point. In November, it opened the renovated space and did away with the Powerlab name.
“The great thing about High Point is the cost of real estate,” Cole said. “We could come in and do what we wanted and needed because we got the building at such a great price.”
Cole said prior to Han-Tek moving in, the building and the area was a jungle, with weeds and trees growing everywhere and a transformer in the middle of the property.
The company has an educational relationship with local colleges, including Davidson County Community College. Cole helped build the college’s automation program for the electronics engineering associate’s degree program. He also helped implement grants to build its real-world manufacturing lab.
“We do internships and hire recent grads, and I work with continuing education students and help the college offices train,” he said. “It is super beneficial,”
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