Shop ‘pops up’ for public during market

Apr. 11, 2013 @ 06:11 PM

Walking through the Market District during the High Point Market, there aren’t many places the public can go.
Ryan Saunders, with the help of artists, musicians and designers from around the country, will open a “pop-up shop” for marketgoers and the public.
For three days during market, April 22-24, the pop-up shop, called the Greenhouse Collective Pop-Up Art Gallery, will host and sell the work of several artists and designers.
“My mentor in New York taught me the power of curating and introducing arts and handmade goods into your community,” said Saunders, founder of the gallery. “Talking with people around High Point trying to figure out how to revitalize the city, it all came down to the creative class.”
While it’s open, Greenhouse Collective will host Laura Thurston, a one-woman band, and prints and original work by local artists Rankin Williard, Mary Adkins and Beka Butts. Jewelry, art and everything at the shop will be available to buy on site.
“The furniture market is such a huge part of what makes High Point special, but outside of the economic impact, its presence is minimal in terms of the overall progress of our city,” Saunders said. “The purpose of The Greenhouse Collective is to show that there are business opportunities that can be built on this city’s reputation in furniture that can be sustained year round.”
The shop also will host various events, including members of local band House of Fools on April 22 and a Grove Winery wine tasting on April 23.
“There are numerous talented artists in High Point, but art has to be seen to make an impact, Williard said. “The Greenhouse Collective is providing a platform for new ideas.”
The shop is located in the Market District at 106 Oak St., the old Blair School. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places. | 888-3617