Furniture company leader shifting roles

Jul. 22, 2014 @ 01:12 PM

Kevin O’Connor, president and chief executive officer of Samson Marketing and a former chairman of the High Point Market Authority board of directors, will step down as head of the marketing arm of Samson Holding.

Though O’Connor will relinquish day-to-day management, he will be retained as a consultant and will join the board of directors of Samson Holding, said Samuel Kuo, chairman of Samson Holding, on Tuesday.
O’Connor was a founding partner of Legacy Classic Furniture along with Kuo 15 years ago. O’Connor later became president and CEO of Samson Marketing when it was formed in 2007 to oversee the management of Legacy Classic, Universal Furniture and Samson International.
O’Connor will remain a member of the executive committee of the Market Authority board and chairman of the Pre-Market sponsor group.