Ministry collects blankets, sleeping bags

Oct. 14, 2013 @ 01:00 AM

A local ministry is preparing for winter by collecting blankets, sleeping bags and winter clothing for the homeless.
Through the end of November, God Only Ministries — an outreach mission of Allen Jay Baptist Church — will collect new and gently used blankets and sleeping bags, as well as new adult gloves, toboggans and warm socks to distribute to those living without shelter.
The project is called “The Big Cover Up.”
“There are a lot of homeless people out there, and we’re hoping this is going to help them feel a little bit warmer when they go to sleep at night,” said project organizer Stephanie Bundy.
“It’s starting to get colder out there, and I’m just thankful, because it could be me in their situation. We all have the same dreams, we all want to be loved, and we all want to feel safe and warm at night.”
The ministry has established six locations — five in High Point and one in Lexington — where the public can drop off donations. Ministry representatives will then pick up the items and distribute them to homeless individuals throughout the city.
According to Bundy, God Only Ministries originated with her mother, Cheryl Morris, who began handing out Bibles from the trunk of her car.
Then Bundy’s friend, Angela Newberry, began driving around and handing out bottles of water to random individuals. Then together, Newberry and Bundy began going to the High Point Public Library on Saturdays — where homeless people often gather — and giving out sandwiches, chips and drinks.
“We’ve done that for about 15 Saturdays in a row,” Bundy said. “We just parked in the parking lot and sat there, and they would come out and we would hand them a peanut-butter-and-jelly or baloney-and-cheese sandwich, along with chips and water. And now it’s grown to where it’s become a time of fellowship — an opportunity to get to know them and even pray for them.”
The ministry has continued to grow with the distribution of such items as coloring books and crayons for children, personal hygiene items, and now the blankets, sleeping bags and winter clothing.
“We just want people to know there’s hope and that somebody cares about them,” Bundy said. “It’s been a real blessing for us, and we get so much out of it.” | 888-3579

Drop-off locations

God Only Ministries is collecting new and gently used blankets and sleeping bags, as well as new adult gloves, toboggans and warm socks at the following locations:
•Peters Auto Mall, 2857 S. Main St., High Point.
•Hair Play, 11509 N. Main St., Suite C, High Point.
•Skager Law Firm, 619 N. Hamilton St., High Point.
•Reflections Hair Salon, 506 Idol St., High Point.
•Bless Your Nest, 1000 N. Main St., High Point.
•Purple Pig Emporium, 221 S. Main St., Lexington.