Ravenel retires, but veteran pediatrician has a new gig

Nov. 12, 2013 @ 03:46 PM

Even at 75, Dr. Bose Ravenel admits he’s not quite ready to hang up his stethoscope.
The longtime High Point pediatrician has retired from Cornerstone Pediatrics — his last day was Oct. 31 — but now he’s embarking on another medical career, joining Robinhood Integrative Health in Winston-Salem on a part-time basis. Working three days a week, he will be a consultant focusing on specialized care for children and adolescents.
“I love my wife, and if I didn’t slow down at all, I think she would probably walk out on me,” Ravenel said with a chuckle. “But seriously, it’s wonderful to still have the health and energy and drive and fascination to do something I’m drawn to.”
What he’s drawn to is the world of integrative medicine, which combines the practices of alternative medicine with those of conventional medicine, with emphasis on treating the whole person and focusing on wellness rather than merely treating the symptoms of disease.
Ravenel, a second-generation pediatrician, has practiced traditional pediatrics for most of his 43 years in the profession — the last 25 years in High Point — and he developed a national reputation for his drug-free approach to addressing children’s behavioral problems that are often identified as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
It was around 2005 or so that the tenets of integrative medicine, such as focusing on proper nutrition, began to intrigue him.
“I had never had any interest in nutrition and diet, but I discovered nutrition and diet had a profound impact on a lot of kids’ behavior and cognition,” he said. “So I began to look at other chronic health problems, and I started reading voraciously, and I became convinced that nutrition and diet — as well as other ways of promoting natural healing — are the foundation for good health, or lack thereof.”
The kicker came when Ravenel’s wife, Susan, went to Dr. Bruce Lantelme of Robinhood Integrative Health for a chronic health issue she’d been struggling with, and he was able to help her.
“That’s when I became fascinated beyond description about the whole paradigm,” Ravenel said.
Ravenel also began referring some of his young patients to Lantelme’s practice, and eventually he approached Lantelme about “having a pediatrician join him for the tail end of his career,” Ravenel explained.
Lantelme replied with an enthusiastic yes.
“Dr. Ravenel’s approach is in perfect harmony with the way we practice medicine,” Lantelme said. “...His extensive experience and wisdom, love for children and medical literature, and continuing success in helping his young patients overcome medical and behavioral conditions with a functional medicine approach will greatly benefit the region.”
Ravenel’s first day at the Winston-Salem practice will be Monday, and he’ll be working three days a week.
In the meantime, Ravenel said leaving Cornerstone Pediatrics was difficult, because of the wonderful relationships he had built there with his staff and his patients’ families.
“It’s been extraordinarily fulfilling,” he said.
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