High Point woman competes on 'The American Bible Challenge'

May. 28, 2014 @ 09:49 AM

It would be hard to question Hannah Webb’s professed knowledge of the Bible.
The 23-year-old High Point woman was raised in the church and completed most of her education at Wesleyan Christian Academy. Her parents, Rick and Phyllis Webb, have been performing gospel music locally and on the road for more than 35 years, and Hannah now performs with them. Her grandfather, Clyde Parker, was a Wesleyan pastor and the founder of Wesleyan Christian Academy.
That’s a firm foundation of biblical wisdom, to be sure, but does it guarantee she would excel on a Bible-based game show?
“It was great, but it was a lot more challenging than I had expected,” says Webb, who will be featured on an upcoming episode of “The American Bible Challenge,” a nationally televised game show that airs on GSN (The Game Show Network). “I grew up in church and felt like I knew the Bible, but it was definitely a lot more challenging than I thought it would be.”
Webb’s episode on the hourlong game show will air at 8 p.m. Thursday on GSN.
Webb never intended to be on “The American Bible Challenge,” but the show’s producers contacted her last year and then, well, one thing begat another...
“They called the Miss North Carolina organization last year and asked them to suggest three girls they thought would be good contestants on ‘The American Bible Challenge,’ and I was one of the three they picked,” recalls Webb, who was Miss Gaston County at the time.
So Webb and two other Miss North Carolina contestants — Miss Raleigh (Kelly Glendenning) and Miss Fayetteville (Victoria Huggins) — competed as Team Crown Jewels. They even wore their official sashes and tiaras for the show.
“We had spent an entire week together (competing at the Miss North Carolina Pageant), so we knew each other pretty well,” Webb says.
Webb’s initial episode was filmed in November, and it’s not known whether her team filmed a second episode because she’s prohibited from revealing how her team fared in the competition.
“They have different phases of competition,” she said. “They have three teams starting out, and then one of those is eliminated, so you just have two teams left. And then they have what’s called ‘The Final Revelation,’ and that determines who actually wins the episode and goes on to the finals.”
Each team played for a charity organization, and Webb’s team’s charity was the Vs. Cancer Foundation, which was founded by former Ragsdale High School baseball player — and cancer survivor — Chase Jones.
While Webb can’t say how Team Crown Jewels did, she does say appearing on the show was a wonderful experience of, well, biblical proportions.
“It was a lot of fun,” she said. “Jeff Foxworthy (the show’s host) was great. He was the most genuine, kind person I’ve ever met. That was my favorite part of being there. And Kirk Franklin (the show’s musical co-host) was great, too.”
Now in its third season, “The American Bible Challenge” is the highest-rated original series in GSN’s 18-year history and has been seen by more than 21 million viewers, according to the network.
In addition to Webb’s team of former beauty queens, other teams on this season’s show include a team of motorcycle-riding priests, a team of police officers and a team of Mormon moms.
This year’s show features new categories of games, including “Christ or Klingon,” in which contestants have to guess whether words are from the Bible or from “Star Trek’s” Klingon language; “Curse You, Autocorrect,” where contestants must decipher a typed Bible passage that has been “autocorrected”; and “Nazareth Enquirer,” with sensational biblical headlines that could have appeared in a tabloid.
“It was just a great experience and so much fun,” Webb says. “It’s going to be exciting to finally get to watch our show.”

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Want to watch?

High Point native Hannah Webb and her team, Team Crown Jewels, will be featured on “The American Bible Challenge” at 8 p.m. Thursday on GSN (The Game Show Network).
The show features comedian Jeff Foxworthy as host and musician Kirk Franklin as musical co-host.
For more information about the show, visit GSN’s Web site at http://gsntv.com.