'Great Gatsby' movie inspires furniture styles

May. 26, 2013 @ 01:00 AM

The  bold, beautiful and luxurious scenery in “The Great Gatsby” is as big of a draw to the movie as the Hollywood stars. The furniture is a star itself.
Imagine you can live in a Gatsby-styled home on a Target or Pier 1 budget.  The blockbuster movie of the lavish 1920s showed us the playground for the rich, but it also showcased beauty, grandeur, and details captured in the ambiance the upper-class social climber Gatsby used at will. The décor showed a riot of color, extravagance and expensive furniture fashions coming on the rise.
“Few homeowners will be inclined to redecorate an entire room in Gatsby’s over-the-top, Art Deco splendor. But the average consumer could certainly jazz up a tired room with one or two touches of Gatsby bling,” said Patricia Bowling, vice president of communications at High Point headquartered American Home Furnishings Alliance said.
The movie “The Great Gatsby” is a trend-setter of that perfect mix of chic yet comfy; trendy yet classic; whimsical yet elegant – in short, what we all want.  Bowling added, “It could be as simple as an accent chest with bold, geometric patterns and a shimmering metallic finish or a shapely chair with sumptuous curves and a faux animal skin throw.”
“Many of the most-loved movies of all time transport us to a different place and time — and often these films generate a wave of interest in the fashion and design of the period being showcased,” Bowling said.
To decorate a home in true Gatsby style, some suggest that one introduce elements of sophistication with polished, mirrored furniture, silky fabrics and luxurious crystal lighting.  This can be achieved on a simple budget.  Painting walls in differing shades may seem unlikely to make a difference, but it works.
A homeowner can be effortlessly chic with the use of geometric shapes, streamlining and the clean lines characteristic of art deco will enhance any setting.