Prom perfection: trends for 2013 prom season

Mar. 21, 2013 @ 05:48 PM

I went to prom four times. So I wouldn’t call myself a prom expert, maybe a prom pro. I’ve always been a little out of the box so I went with a tea-length dress each year instead of the full-on princess Cinderella ball gown. That was nearly 10 years ago.
Now, the trends are all over the place. One shoulder strap, two, strapless, backless — its like a Dr. Seuss rhyme.
Every color in the spectrum can be found in the dress shops from deep plum to bright red, and everything in between. Primary to jewel tones, it would be tough to hit a wrong note in any color.
“This year it’s about color,” said Myra Norton, co-owner of Trindale Brides in Archdale. “It doesn’t matter if they’re long or short but they love color.”
Black and white styles are popular and leave the opportunity for punching up it up with accessories and makeup.
Bling has always been a popular prom piece, whether in the form of jewelry or sequins, sparkle and shine is always a hit.
Something a little more trendy is the asymmetrical hemline, what stores are calling high low dresses. This style is shorter in the front and long in the back, like a mullet dress (party in the front, formal in the back!).
“The style was sort of popular last year but it’s been a really popular trend this year,” Norton said.
The silhouettes are something to talk about. More than I’ve ever seen, short homecoming-style party dresses are showing up for prom season. And they aren’t just short, they’re tight. Not necessarily what a dad would buy his 16 year-old daughter but, hey, to each his own. Other short styles have sequin bodices with tulle A-line skirts. Norton said that ball gowns are making their comeback, since the straight silhouettes took the lead a few years ago. Rotha Dawkins, owner of Rotha’s in Thomasville, said that some looks are coming from Hollywood.
“We’re seeing a lot of looks from the red carpet,” Dawkins said. “Mermaid and trumpet dresses that are fitted through the hip and thigh and flare out around the knee, they’re real pretty.”
Dawkins and Norton said they do what they can to keep girls at the same schools from purchasing the same dress. They both try to order one of each dress in different colors but if they happen to have multiples of the same dress, they have a system to keep girls from seeing themselves on their special night.
Guys, you’ve got a choice between a long tie-vest combo, bowtie-vest combo or just match your date and you’ll be just fine.
“Prom season has definitely started,” Norton said. “It starts as early as January when girls are looking and shopping. Most proms in the area are in mid-April.”|888-3617