Seth Barwick throws a pitch to remember at HPU

Apr. 26, 2013 @ 09:31 AM

Six years after life threw him a nasty curveball, Seth Barwick threw a pitch of his own Wednesday.
The former college baseball player threw out the first pitch at High Point University’s Williard Stadium, where HPU was hosting Duke University.
“As long as I don’t bounce it up there, that’s all I’m worried about,” Barwick said Wednesday afternoon, prior to the game.
The ceremonial first pitch marked the first time Barwick has been on a baseball field since August 2006, when a car crash left him in a coma and nearly killed him. The wreck broke multiple bones, nearly severed his left arm, and caused a traumatic brain injury.
Also, for years after the crash, Barwick had to use a wheelchair because of a nerve-related weakness from the neck down. Now, though, he’s able to use a walker, after eight months of intensive therapy at a specialized facility in Mooresville. He walked out to the mound to throw the first pitch Wednesday.
Barwick, who played baseball at Wesleyan Christian Academy, Montreat College and Maryville College, threw the pitch with his left hand, even though he was born righthanded.
“I had to become lefthanded because of partial paralysis on my right side,” he explained.
Barwick, who received a business administration degree from HPU in 2009, welcomed the opportunity to throw out the first pitch.
“They just were so supportive of me when I was a student there,” he said.
The event was also special for Barwick’s father, Don, whose birthday was Wednesday.
“He used to breathe, sleep and eat at the field when I was playing,” Barwick said. “So I guess this is a poor man’s version of a birthday present for his dad.” | 888-3579