Your View: U.S. already has turned into ‘welfare state’

Jan. 19, 2013 @ 01:28 AM

With the re-election of President Obama, the Democratic left will finally complete their dream of converting the U.S. into a “welfare state.”
This was started by Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” initiative and will now be completed under Obama. If anyone doesn’t believe we have become a welfare state, consider the following:
• 60 million depend on Medicaid.
• 48 million on Medicare (including me!).
• 47 million receive food stamps.
• 25 million receive direct welfare aid.
• 54 million receive Social Security checks (including me!).
• 8 million receive disability payments from Social Security (this has exploded under Obama).
• 7 million receive unemployment checks.
• 20 million people work for federal or state government.
• Obamacare to control 20 percent of our economy.
All this in a country of only 300 million. The Democratic plan to make EVERYONE beholden to the government has been achieved. How can a Republican ever again be elected president when the electorate is on the Democrat “dole”?
What happens to our society when the money runs out?  When we have bled the rich dry and confiscated all the wealth, who will pay ? When there are no more food stamps, unemployment checks, what happens? Do Americans riot in the streets like Spain and Greece (the money has run out there).
This has definitely turned into a “No Country for Old Men.”
High Point

Israel suffered because of disobedience
I would be lying if I said it did not bother me about the direction this country is heading.
People chose for a continued evil to exist here. Hardly a day goes by that a small country like Israel is not in the news. The Jews have suffered for thousands of years because of their disobedience to God. They have suffered emotionally and physically for these actions.
All the cities God destroyed probably started out as moral. People think a good God would never do anything to this country. The Bible says he wiped out women and children because of disobedience.
A gay gentleman on a prison show said it best. He said that his mother told him she loved him no matter what. She added that what he was doing was ungodly and in the end you will pay the price. Don’t fool yourself, either the parents or the child, by encouraging these abominations.


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