Toes in the sand, book in your hands

Library staffers give their picks for the summer
Jul. 08, 2013 @ 12:01 PM

Looking for a beach read at the library?
You’re not the only one.
“We have a lot of people come in and say, “I want something to read on the beach,” or “I want something for the plane,”’ said Shelly Witcher of the High Point Public Library’s circulation department. She said these types of requests are a big drive behind a boost in circulation during the summer.
Sara Addison-Kristel of readers’ services said the best type of book is one you can’t put down. Fortunately, when you’re off work, you don’t have to.
With this in mind, the library’s staff recommended books they would read on vacation, from mystery to fantasy to non-fiction.
Just make sure that when you get back to work, your boss doesn’t catch you reading the sequel!

Drama (family saga)

“Lost Daughters” by Mary Monroe*
Recommended by Jo Williamson
This sequel to “The Upper Room” continues the story of Maureen Montgomery. Her troubles aren’t over, and her family web is about to become even more tangled.

Fantasy (romantic, historical)

“The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern
Recommended by Sara Addison-Kristel
A magical circus travels through Victorian London, and two of its prodigies, forced to be competitors, fall in love. “It has incredible sensory detail,” Addison-Kristel said. “I can’t liken it to anything.”

Historical (sci-fi)

“11/22/63” by Stephen King
Recommended by Megan Bowers
November will mark 50 years since John F. Kennedy’s assassination. In this 2011 novel, King’s main character wants to erase that day from history, using time travel.

Mystery (inspirational/religious)

“Nothing but Trouble” by Susan May Warren
Recommended by Carly Moon
PJ Sugar moves back to her hometown and right into the middle of a murder investigation. She sets out to solve it, making discoveries about faith along the way.

Non-fiction (entertainment)

“VJ: The Unplugged Adventures of MTV’s First Wave” by Gavin Edwards*
Recommended by Nic Covington
Covington said he appreciates that this book details what the early days of the MTV were like, back when the channel was mostly playing music videos.

Non-fiction (sports/finance)

“Trading Bases: A Story About Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball (Not Necessarily in That Order)” by Joe Peta*
Recommended by Justin Asbell
This how-to guide explains the analytical tactics that gave the author a 41 percent return betting on baseball, weaving in a story along the way.

Non-fiction (survival/history)

“Alive” by Piers Paul Read
Recommended by Megan Joyce
Written a few years after the event, this book documents the 1972 plane crash which led a rugby team to take extreme measures to survive. Joyce called this the most interesting book she’s ever read.

North Carolina author (magic realism)

“Garden Spells” by Sarah Addison Allen
Recommended by Julie Raynor
Set in North Carolina, this small-town story involves a catering business, a family legacy and a touch of magic. Addison-Kristel said every novel by Asheville-based Allen has been a hit at the library.

*Released in 2013

What’s hot
If you want to check these out for your trip, reserve it ahead of time. The circulation department says they’re flying off the shelves.

• “Second Honeymoon” by James Patterson
• “A Wanted Man: A Jack Reacher Novel” by Lee Child
• “The Eye of God” by James Rollins
• “Porch Lights” by Dorothea Benton Frank
• “Whiskey Beach” by Nora Roberts
• “Inferno” by Dan Brown