Parents say schools are safe

Feb. 04, 2013 @ 05:49 PM

Only 7 percent of parents think that schools may not be safe, according to a new survey.
Overall, parents and community residents gave the county school district good marks on most issues ranging from safety to leadership in the telephone survey taken in September and October 2012, two months before the school shootings at Newtown, Conn. The survey included 400 parents and 400 community residents. Thirteen percent of residents said they thought the schools were not safe. Parents gave the schools a 7.6 safety rating on a 10 scale, up from 7.6 last year. Community residents gave school safety a 6.9 rating, up from 6.4.
The Board of Education formed a task force last week to review school security and better ways to handle attacks.  As an issue, safety ranked third with parents behind quality education in the survey and those with no issue and fourth among community residents behind quality education, more qualified teachers and no issues.
Superintendent Mo Green collected an 83 percent favorable rating from parents with only 10 percent of community respondents saying Green’s performance was poor.
“We have put all this out there for you to see,” Green said during his “State of the Schools” event last week.
Just 7 percent of parents gave the Board of Education a poor rating while 14 percent of community residents surveyed said the board did its work poorly. Just 8 percent of parents and 15 percent of community residents said district officials were unresponsive to requests.
In general, performance ratings by community residents were lower than those of parents.
The MarketWise  research firm in Charlotte selected parents and residents randomly from databases for the telephone poll. The survey confidence level was 95 percent, comparable to professional marketing surveys.
Eleven percent of the parent interviews were with Hispanics and 8 percent of the interviews were conducted in Spanish. | 888-3626

Survey Says

Community Responses:  A strong majority of parents, 76 percent or more, gave the county district high ratings of seven or more on a 10-point scale on all performance areas measured in a recent survey.

Improvements: Survey ratings did not decline from last year in any areas among parents or community residents.