Hair styling becomes family tradition

Feb. 03, 2013 @ 06:05 PM

Linda Baucon, 69, has been doing hair for 50 years.

She opened her first salon when she was just 19.
When she moved Linda’s Beauty Salon to it’s current location at 3308 Archdale Road in 1978, she didn’t know she’d be starting a family tradition.
“When I was a kid, I entered a competition and won a scholarship,” Baucon said. “I had two small kids, worked during the day and I went to school at night.”
One of those small kids, Tamara Coble, 51, grew up and followed in her mother’s footsteps.
“When I was growing up I didn’t have doll babies or nothing, I had hair pieces to roll and brushes and combs to clean,” said Coble, sometimes called LJ for Linda Jr. “When I got up in age, I said, ‘This is what I want to do,’ and I’ve been doing it ever since.”
Baucon’s father was a barber, and she watched him when she was growing up. Coble learned from her mother that Coble’s son, Cody Taylor, 26, recently became the fourth generation to go into styling.
“I had been doing culinary for eight years and I got burned out on that,” Taylor said. “I never had thought about (doing hair).”
Taylor said when he decided to go to cosmetology school, he didn’t tell anyone that he was starting. He waited two days because he wanted to make sure he liked it.
“He came to us and said ‘I’m in cosmetology school,’ and we were like, ‘What?!’” Coble said. “All his teachers were like, ‘Are you sure you ain’t done hair before?’ He’s really good.”
The beauty and tanning salon has had several customers call it home and become regulars.
“We’ve gotten to know a lot of people through the years,” Baucon said. “People come in and sit down and don’t have to tell us what they want ‘cause we’ve done it so long.”
Baucon said their family isn’t the only one that has been a part of Linda’s for generations.
It’s funny because the people’s hair my mom’s doing, I’m doing their children’s hair and my son is picking up their children’s hair,” Coble said. “It’s not just us that’s got four generations, but the customers that have stepped along with us.”
The family’s hope for the salon is what any member of a four-generation operation would hope for — a fifth generation.
“We’re glad Cody decided to keep it going, and I’m hoping someday Cody’s children will continue it,” Baucon said. | 888-3617