Thomasville holds vigil for school schooting victims

Dec. 18, 2012 @ 10:21 PM

It was a somber night in downtown Thomasville Tuesday as an estimated 60 residents gathered to mourn the lives of those killed in the Newtown, Conn., shooting.

A vigil was held at the grandstand to honor the 26 victims killed in the school massacre. The event was organized by Thomasville residents Ashley Ashley, Crystal Landreth and Diana Landreth. 
In addition to the cande-lighting ceremony, the vigil included a moment of silence, poems, Christmas songs and a balloon ceremony.
Attendees were also given a chance to write down thoughts or prayers for the families of those killed in the school massacre. Those messages were written on “teardrops” – tear-shaped pieces of paper – that will be mailed to the victims’ families.
“You also get an opportunity to shed a tear for those families and friends, “Ashley said to the audience. “You also get the opportunity to write a message to these families to let them know they are in your prayers. You can let them know that you are shedding a tear for them.”
Attendees were asked by the Enterprise why they chose to come out for the Sandy Hook vigil. Here are their responses:
• “It struck me immediately that this is Thomasville. Newtown is a town of 27,000 people just like Thomasville. This could have happened here and that kind of brings it home when you think about it that way. We need to have a national conversation about mental health, access to guns, about violence in video games, but more than anything else, we need to understand that it all begins with our relationships with each other. I feel like it was important to come out and support people who wanted to send that message.” — Councilman Scott Styers

• “We have 12 grandchildren and a great-grandchild and they mean the world to us, as do our own children. We worry about the safety of the world today. We are going to do all we can about assault weapons. We are writing to all our congressman, the senators and our president to ban assault weapons.” — Joan White

• “We are very heartbroken about the loss of the children and the staff at that school. We have not stopped crying since last Friday.  We believe in the Second Amendment, but we do not believe in assault weapons.” — Patrick White | 888-3657